This offseason the Kansas City Chiefs added another weapon to their arsenal. That’s something they needed to do after losing one in Tyreek Hill. While Skyy Moore is not quite on Hills’ level, yet, he can -and probably will- be used in the Chiefs’ offense in similar ways.

Training camp has shown us a lot so far with what we can expect to see from this team midseason. One thing would be who will play what position and in what role. For Moore, he could have a bigger role on the team than we expected, as a video from training camp surfaced showing just that.

Chiefs’ Skyy Moore could be involved as returner

On Tuesday, the Chiefs rookie receiver had to leave practice early due to a hip injury during a drill. On Wednesday, he was back at practice and appeared to be healthy. He was also seen fielding punts.

While Moore likely won’t field punts right off the bat, because that is what Hardman’s job has been for the last few years now, there is still a chance we could see that. Moore’s speed would make him great in that aspect, along with his elusiveness. The Chiefs are always looking to switch things up to see what spark they could find. Moore on punt return could definitely do that.

I, for one, am not opposed to seeing the rookie receiver on special teams in that form. However, I’d rather it be Mecole Hardman, and here is why.

Hardman has been a very good returner for the Chiefs in his short career thus far. He made the pro bowl as a returner in his rookie year in 2019. As for Moore, he fielded a total of one punt throughout his college career, and three kick returns.

It’s nothing against Moore, as I do think his qualities would be great for a punt returner. However, in my opinion, I think the team should stick with Hardman. That doesn’t mean that the Chiefs won’t make Moore a backup at the position.

And when you have a playmaker like Moore, it makes sense to try and get the ball in his hands as much as possible. It’s not a surprise that a smart coaching staff like the Chiefs is trying it out.

Featured image via Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports