The Kansas City Chiefs had a great game against the Browns, even though it may not seem like it. To start, the team won, and a win is a win. Secondly, we saw the team hit another gear in the fourth quarter, offensively and defensively.

This team did their signature move in the fourth quarter, in which we saw all of 2019 in the playoffs, the good ole comeback win. Kansas City never led this game besides the game-winning touchdown, and by the way, they were playing the kind of deserved it.

As I have said since the game, it is good the Chiefs went ahead and got a bad game like this out of the way early in the season. Without some guys on defense, we would not be talking about that game in the way we do.

Chiefs good performances on defense

While they didn’t play great defense throughout the game, the Chiefs came up big in the fourth against the Browns with some big stops. However, there were still some great plays by players you may or may not expect it from.

Juan Thornhill

Yes, I know it feels like he had a rough game, but really, he did not. Other than the one time he gave up a big play down the sideline on what could have been Charvarious Ward’s assignment, Thornhill played great.

The now third-year safety finished with seven tackles, tied for first on the team. Not only that, but he came up with some huge plays in the fourth quarter. On a 3rd and six, Juan Thornhill made a huge play to break up a pass on what would have been a first down. Instead, he forced the Browns to punt.

Daniel Sorenson

Dirty Dan, as they call him, was just that on Sunday. While he isn’t the premier name as an NFL safety, he does things that help a team win, at all costs.

Daniel Sorenson is another guy who plays with more heart than anything, and I think Tyrann Mathieu has only helped him grow even more. However, Sunday, Mathieu was not even out there, it was all Sorenson.

It’s first and ten around the 50-yard line with one minute left. A catch here for the Browns only helps them drive the ball down the field even more. Instead, Sorenson was able to get to Mayfield, and trip him up, thus causing a short throw for an interception. And that is just one of the many plays he made on Sunday.

Nick Bolton

The Chiefs rookie entered the year with a bang against the Browns. Due to Willie Gay Jr. being put on the injured reserve list for a few weeks, Bolton gets to start. Against the Browns, Nick Bolton went off and made plays we didn’t expect to see so soon.

Cleveland is a great running team, as they should be with two premier running backs. However, stopping the run and tackling is exactly what Bolton is good at. One particular play that stood out, is when Bolton stopped Chubb at the line of scrimmage. However, it is how he did it. Bolton read the correct read and gap so quickly, he came from nearly the opposite side and stuffed Nick Chubb.

These guys made huge plays for the team on Wednesday, and could easily do that in week two. The Baltimore Ravens are expecting a great team on Sunday and may hope for revenge after week three of last season.

Featured Image Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports