KANSAS CITY – The Chiefs announced that second-round pick Skyy Moore tweaked his hamstring before the start of rookie minicamp Saturday. The injury is considered to be minor, but it was still severe enough to where it Moore couldn’t participate in team drills over the weekend.

Monday, head coach Andy Reid provided an updated on the First-Team All-MAC star.

“I really don’t have any injuries to talk about, I guess Skyy would be the one,” Reid told reporters Monday. “But you guys already know the information, there. [He] tweaked his hamstring before he got here and he’ll be ready to go when he gets back.”

As Reid mentioned, Moore’s hamstring was already common knowledge, but a specific timeline had yet to be provided. Moore said Sunday that he’ll “be back soon“, but that’s still rather vague for obvious reasons.

Reid’s comment places Moore’s return at the start of OTAs, which begin May 25.

It’s good news for the Chiefs, because hamstring issues can be very fickle when it comes to recovery time and they can get worse if the injured player is rushed back onto the field. They can also linger throughout the season, making life for the affected player difficult.

Moore is also expected to compete for a major role in the Chiefs passing attack as the team looks to replace Tyreek Hill, who was traded to the Miami Dolphins earlier in the year. The second-round pick was considered by many to be one of the top receivers in the draft and he is considered one of the early steals of the draft.

In other words: The Chiefs need Moore back as soon as possible.

Fortunately, it sounds like that is exactly the case.

You can check out Reid’s full press conference, here.

Featured image via Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports