The Kansas City Chiefs were able to get a steal in this past year’s draft in Skyy Moore. While he has shown great flashes at camp, there have also been some issues we can’t look past. Moore can be an amazing player for the Chiefs. His speed and huge hands will make him a threat no matter what. However, he needs to be healthy in order to be used.

In college, Moore struggled with some knick-knack injuries but didn’t miss many games. Moore did however miss some time in OTAs with a hamstring injury. On Tuesday, August 2nd, Moore left the second padded practice early as he got banged up during a drill.

While doing the 1-on-1 drill against a defensive back, Moore was hit late after dropping the ball and appeared to bang up his leg. He would later limp off the field and leave practice early.

Here is the video of the drill that KSHB 41 caught during camp:

The Chiefs reported Moore left practice early due to a hip injury.

Featured Image Via Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sport