The news that has transpired over the course of this off-season involving the Kansas City Chiefs has been, crazy, to say the least. It all started with Tyreek Hill, who has since turned against the team, and everyone who plays for it. Hill has even thrown some shots at Patrick Mahomes, which is something you just don’t do.

Speaking of Mahomes, he can still have an elite season without Hill. No, he hasn’t had an MVP type of season since the MVP season in 2018, but he has still been very good, to say the least. Even last year, Mahomes finished fourth in passing yards, fourth in passing touchdowns, and fifth in quarterback rating.

It may amaze some of you that his numbers were that good during the season, considering the narrative most of the season was that he was not playing great.

Mahomes can have an MVP season in 2022, even without Hill. According to The Athletic, he is the team’s MVP in 2022.

The Athletic lists Mahomes as team MVP

While it may be the most obvious answer to the question, we have to address it. Mahomes is the team’s best player, at the most important position in football. Let me put it this way, if he doesn’t play well, the team will not be good, at all. There are other teams with great quarterbacks that you can’t necessarily say the same about.

Here is what Nate Taylor of The Athletic thought about Mahomes and a potential MVP season, as well as being the team MVP:

“The Chiefs are in the midst of rebuilding their roster around Patrick Mahomes, who is entering the second phase of his career. Mahomes, though, is still the NFL’s most talented quarterback, an accurate gunslinger who can create magic from adverse situations. If Mahomes guides the Chiefs through another strong regular season – while being presented with a brutal, historically difficult schedule – he will be the team’s expected MVP. And if Mahomes is excellent without Tyreek Hill and a newly revamped group of receivers, he could be the league’s MVP once again.”

My pick would have been Travis Kelce, for the obvious reason that a quarterback will likely always get the MVP of a team. But Kelce could have a special year in 2022.

With the way the team is constructed this season, and the new players the Chiefs have brought in, Kelce is nearly guaranteed to see more, if not the same, amount of target shares as last year, even without Hill.

The team will lean on Kelce to be a playmaker at the tight end position, especially early in the year, when the new players are still getting adjusted. But, you can’t go wrong with picking Mahomes, either.

You can read the rest of The Athletic‘s article here.

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