KANSAS CITY – As of late, the Chiefs have been somewhat of a free-agent destination.

Not because it’s 75 and sunny all year long. There are no beaches, either.

In fact, the weather during football season is brutally cold. Kansas City does not have the same appeal as the ‘Big Apple’ if we are being honest. It’s, what we call in sports, a small market city.

So, why are the Chiefs a free-agent destination? Because the team that stays next door to Arrowhead sure isn’t. Well, the Royals also have not been good since 2015. Kansas City won the Super Bowl in 2019 and is still thriving a few years after.

The Chiefs, well, they have everything a free agent would want, football related. Just ask Ronald Jones.

Chiefs’ new running back explains decision

“I just thought they [Kansas City] were the most Super Bowl-ready team right now. To get back there and get my second ring, that played a big factor too,” Jones recently explained when asked why he chose the Kansas City Chiefs.

“Obviously the quarterback, the system, the coaches, it just fits a running back style.”

It has to make Chiefs fans proud when they hear new players give praise to the franchise. Especially when you think of how far it has come.

Ronald Jones is a good running back. Not a great one, but good. He is good enough to start for a few teams in the NFL, today. However, he is not quite good enough to start for the Chiefs.

Now, if something were to happen, and Clyde Edwards-Helaire was to get hurt, Jones would be a solid replacement. Obviously, let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

Jones seems to like it in Kansas City. Hopefully, other free agents can take some things away from what he is saying and follow in his footsteps.

Featured Image Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports