Coming into this season all we have heard is how the Kansas City Chiefs will be worse on offense without Tyreek Hill. That could be true, who knows how the season will transpire.

However, so far, it is looking like that won’t be correct.

With the new weapons that have been brought in to replace him, I’m confident the Chiefs will still be just as lethal, if not more lethal than before. In the past, Kansas City had really just two primary receiving options in Travis Kelce and Hill. 

Now, they have Kelce, and three others, at least. Just to further prove that point, one of the new weapons has been making a ton of noise throughout camp. Yeah, it’s just training camp, so we aren’t going to overreact too much.

But at the same time, we can react appropriately. And it’s totally fair to say that JuJu Smith-Schuster has been the focal point of training camp, so far.

Chiefs’ Smith-Schuster making a ton of noise during training camp

If you are one of the lucky fans who has gotten to see training camp in person this year, then you know how well Smith-Schuster has been playing. Of course, the receiver group as a whole has been doing great during camp, but the fifth-year receiver, and first-year Chief, has gotten most of the attention thus far.

Coming into the season, there was also the narrative that Smith-Schuster was no longer a good receiver, even after having over 800 receiving yards that included nine touchdowns two seasons ago.

If you are one of the people not believing the hype, here are some tweets that may help you get a better visual:

That’s just a few.

It’s pretty evident just by training camp that the guy is still very good. Smith-Schuster has had some great plays throughout the camp, and everyone is being put on notice. Even other guys on the offense are happy with what they are seeing in the receiver room as a whole.

“I love what I’m seeing, man,” Kelce told reporters Monday. “I love what I’m seeing because they are all working their tails off.”

The receiver room is coming along, and in my opinion, Smith-Schuster will be leading it. This season should be a ton of fun.

Featured image via Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports