When the Kansas City Chiefs made the decision to bring in another speedy wide receiver for Patrick Mahomes to utilize, I think everyone knew that this team wanted to just kill anyone that was standing in their way, for the rest of the season.

Yeah, there were other needs at the deadline, and wide receiver wasn’t at the top of the list. So what. It’s the Chiefs, who are known for offense, and now will be known even more for it.

I say that because what we saw from Kadarius Toney in his true first full game as a Chief was great to watch. If you like to label games, this one will always be the Kadarius Toney game, to me.

It was his first time really showing what he can do in this offense. I mean, last game he played just nine snaps. This week after playing much more, he already has a touchdown on the year, even if he got in the endzone in what appeared to be an unorthodox way.

“The reason I was hopping is because I was too close to the sideline when I caught it,” Toney said after the game. “I was just so excited, I saw the sideline and said ‘Oh, I got to hop. I got to get in there somehow someway,’ but it’s electric being out there with all the fans around you, sitting on top of you, yelling at the opponent, on top of you yelling at them. And the quarterback put me in the right position.”

I think it’s obvious that the New York Giants either didn’t know what to do with him or just had people in the organization that felt like it was the wrong draft pick. Because this guy is special.

You can tell he is in such a good place after coming here. Toney seems incredibly happy all of the time and seems like this is somewhere he feels he could be long-term.

“Yeah, I feel like I’m right where I need to be,” Toney said when asked about potentially having a career renaissance.

His comments on Sunday after the win over Jacksonville help me know that this is where he wants to be. It helps me know that even he feels the Chiefs made the right decision in trading for him, whether it was a need or not.

The best part about it all is that he will only start to get more involved in the offense as the season goes around. Oh, and this is his second season.

Featured Image Via Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports