The Chiefs are looking to be back where they need to be. After a big win over the Washington Football Team, Kansas City can start to relax a bit more, as the division lead is not as far as they feel.

Looking at this season, Kansas City fans are starting to feel as if this just won’t be the year. There is a lot of doubt that they may not even make the playoffs. However, looking back to 2015 when the team started 1-5, and went on to lose in the divisional series, it is still possible.

But the Chiefs don’t feel like they are having much success on the field right? Doesn’t the offense feel a lot worse? There is a stat that the Chiefs currently have that could say otherwise.

Chiefs impressive stat shows offensive dominance

It is no secret that Kansas City has been an offensive powerhouse the last few years. Basically, ever since Patrick Mahomes became a full-time starter, the Chiefs are the a top five scoring offense year after year.

In fact, over the last four years, Kansas City averages the most points per game in that time span. However, the real stat that is impressive for this year, would be their scoring on the year.

When watching this year, you may think the offense is somewhat declining, which is okay to think. However, the stats say the Chiefs are averaging, and are on pace to average more points per game than the last two seasons.

In 2019, the year Kansas City won the super bowl, Mahomes and company averaged 28.2 points per game. Last season the Chiefs finished 14-2 and made it back to the super bowl while averaging 29.6 points per game. This year, they are on pace to average 30.8 points per game by the seasons end.

While it may seem like the offense is declining, it really isn’t. The main problems come from the team having a tendency to start slow in the first half. However, no one should be worried about this teams offense.

Featured Image Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports