Orlando Brown Jr. and the Kansas City Chiefs have been in a debacle over the last month or so now. We knew heading into training camp that there was a possibility that Brown Jr. wasn’t going to show up, and in fact, hold out. That is exactly what he did, too.

However, something must have struck a nerve in Brown Jr., as he showed up to camp on day one of full pads Monday, and participated today, on day two of full pads. The Chiefs offered what seemed like a very good deal to Brown Jr. Maybe he realized that is as good as the deal will get, or maybe he realized he could be replaced. We don’t know, but it felt great to have him at camp.

Chiefs’ Brown Jr. makes an appearance in workouts

While the Chiefs probably would have been fine without Brown Jr. this season, it is still a good thing they no longer have to worry about who will play what position on the offensive line now. He seems to know the risk of what has transpired so far.

“I missed a lot of ball to this point. It didn’t feel right sitting at home,” Brown told reporters Tuesday. “This week is very important. It was difficult to be away for so long… I want to finish my career here in Kansas City… I have no animosity towards anybody in the building… I feel great… I’m ready to go. Today was great.”

There was a lot to unpack today in terms of the holdout ending. Brown Jr. still looked to be in fantastic shape. Where he did participate, he thrived, as usual.

The Chiefs are lucky to have a guy as versatile as Brown Jr., and a guy who realizes how important he is to the team. Most guys when they go in a holdout, they don’t come back during training camp. They usually hold out the entire time or wait until the season starts. I think the Chiefs starting left tackle knew what the stakes were, and maybe missed football a bit too.

It was fair to wonder how this relationship would shake out after 2022. But based off Brown Jr.’s comments, it sounds like that potential problem is no longer.

While, yes, he will be playing under the franchise tag this year, I think it may work out well for both sides. The Chiefs are going to have one of the better offensive lines in football again, along with some great depth, at a cheap price for 2022.

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