Orlando Brown Jr. made it pretty clear to the Kansas City Chiefs that he would not show up to training camp if he did not have a long-term deal in place.

According to NFL Network‘s Mike Garafolo, Brown Jr. is making good on that promise.

“My understanding is that he is not reporting to training camp and likely will not be there for quite some time,” Garafolo said on a recent episode of NFL Total Access. “For the time being, we are not expecting Orlando Brown Jr. at training camp anytime soon. He will not report alongside the rest of his Chiefs teammates.

“Remember, he has not signed that franchise tag, so he cannot be fined [for missing camp].”

This isn’t a surprise. The popular thought leading up to this is that Brown Jr. would not show up without a long-term deal. The only unknown is how long he actually stays away from the team. Brown Jr. could hold out until Week 1 of the regular season.

The whole situation doesn’t make sense in regard to Brown Jr.’s motives. He’s made a little more than $6.8 million throughout his NFL career and has a chance to make more than $16.6 million in 2022. Leaving nearly three times the amount of money you’ve made in four years on the table is really short-sighted, but at the same time, security and longevity don’t mesh well in the NFL. Players are looking for multi-year deals and guaranteed money more than ever these days, which has thrown quite a few wrenches in recent contract negotiations across the league.

And what makes it even more strange is recent reports have stated Brown Jr. will play under the tag in 2022. Said reports have been from credible reporters and outlets, as well.

Now, Brown Jr.’s only option to get paid in 2022 is to play under the tag. The chance at a long-term deal ended when the clock struck 4p.m. ET on July 15. So, it’s fair to wonder what the true endgame is, here.

Andy Reid said the team is moving on without Brown Jr., as expected. The Chiefs have the personnel to get by without the Pro Bowler in the lineup, but there’s no debating the offense is a much better unit with him protecting Patrick Mahomes’ blindside.

Featured image via Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports