If there is one thing the 2022 season will guarantee, it’s people hating on the Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes, for no reason. The national media is good at it, too. They are also good at trying to spin a story that pins two players against each other.

That story would be Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen, two of the best quarterbacks in the game. Both of these dudes have the utmost respect for each other, yet people still try to pin the two against one another.

Recently, the sports talk show Speak on Fox Sports 1, discussed a topic on who was better, Mahomes or Allen. Of the four panelists on the show, only one chose Mahomes, Joy Tayor.

LeSean McCoy, a familiar face for Chiefs Kingdom chose Josh Allen. His main reasoning was this.

“Y’all don’t want the real facts, and I see that. Pat is a dog, I agree with you [Joy taylo] Pat is nice, but you have to give Josh Allen his credit. If Josh Allen played for the Chiefs with Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, and Andy Reid, do you think they win a championship? I’m just asking the questions though.”

To me, that doesn’t validate whether Josh Allen is better or not, because Mahomes did win a championship. So that point was weird.

Allen can do it all. He can throw it deep, throw it to the flats, and make any throw possible, just about. But, there is one thing he doesn’t have over Mahomes, that makes me want to pick the Chief’s Super Bowl-winning quarterback.

While Allen is amazing, in every way, he isn’t Mahomes. Mahomes has beaten Allen twice in the playoffs now when it matters most. So, I think I’ll take the winner of the two.

Featured Image Via Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports