When you have already done everything an NFL quarterback dreams of doing in just your second full season as a starter, it’s usually hard to see where things could get better. For the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, it isn’t.

Patrick Mahomes was a league MVP, Super Bowl winner, and Super Bowl MVP all by year three, and the age of 24.

Every young player, and older players for that matter, dreams of winning an MVP and a Super Bowl. Mahomes did that and got the extra hardware in the Super Bowl MVP, yet, he said there was still so much more he could get better at.

A few years ago, Mahomes was on LeBron James’ show on HBO called ‘The Shop’ and said one thing that stood out to everyone when that episode came out.

He said that he still hasn’t even learned how to read blitzes yet or defenses in general and that he was learning every day. Well, recently he was asked about that comment from a few years ago, and where he is at now.

“I think I’m definitely even a step further along with my process, but I think I have a lot to learn,” Mahomes said on Wednesday. “There are still certain protections that I get beat on because of the blitzes. There are certain coverages that get me because I don’t recognize certain tells.

“So, there’s stuff that I can continue to get better at but I mean, the struggles that I went through last year I think are some that you can just build on and learn from and I think it’s helped me be a little bit more patient. There are still sometimes, like the end of the last game when I threw the pick, where I get a little bit too aggressive. So, I just try to maintain that balance of being aggressive but making the right decision.”

That’s got to be scary for the rest of the league, and especially for opposing teams’ defenses. The rest of the teams that have the Chiefs left on their schedule, were probably already upset about having to play them in the first place. Then add in that, and the teams now know that Mahomes still isn’t as good as he can be.

Yeah, he is being humble for a second, but I’m not.

The guy has already won an MVP and is on track to win another this season. Oh, and he still hasn’t learned everything that maybe an Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady may know when it comes to reading certain things the defenses are throwing out there.

It’s truly going to get scary.

Oh, and it doesn’t help that Mahomes’ go-to guy in Tyreek Hill isn’t even on the team anymore and he is not only still doing what he has done, but playing even better.

They aren’t ready for it, and I can promise you that.

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