The Kansas City Chiefs won in dominant fashion on Sunday in their Week 1 matchup with the Arizona Cardinals, and quarterback Patrick Mahomes showed us a side we don’t see very often.

In the win, he balled out, showing that he can still be the MVP of the league. He finished with 360 passing yards on 30-for-39 passing with five touchdowns. Mahomes was very close to having a perfect passer rating as he finished with a 144.2 rating.

While his play was amazing, that’s not even the side of him I’m talking about.

The cocky, confident side of Mahomes we saw is different from what we usually see. Yeah, we have before, but it’s always great to see it. During the game, after his fourth touchdown of the game in the third quarter, Mahomes threw up four fingers to the camera.

“Yeah, I mean, I feel like I always have something to prove,” Mahomes told the media when asked if he feels people are still doubting him.

“I mean, I’m just this guy from Texas Tech, man, that they said couldn’t play in the NFL, so I always have that mindset of going out there and proving that we are the Kansas City Chiefs and that we still have a chance to go out there and win the AFC Championship, and win the AFC West, and win the Super Bowl.”

This side of Mahomes can be scary, at least for the rest of the NFL. If he has a chip on his shoulder, and you are on defense, you may as well chalk up that possession is going to be a score.

The Chiefs had 10 offensive drives and scored on far more than half of them. Of the 66 total plays, 33 of them were first downs, to the Cardinals’ 18 first downs.

This offense is going to be insane this year, especially with how Mahomes is playing. If he can continue this level of play, they will be nearly unstoppable. Then, you can go ahead and write in your AFC Championship projections.

This was a great reminder that the AFC will still go through Kansas City, as Mahomes goes off on the road.

Featured Image Via Michael Chow / USA TODAY NETWORK