Kansas City eased their way out of a close one with a win on Sunday. A lot of the success from this one can be pointed towards the offense, rightfully so when you have a guy like Patrick Mahomes on your team.

And while he played well, Mahomes was not one of the three main players to make our list in this one. Mostly because Mahomes gets enough love every day and because he did not finish the game.

Yes, all of our hearts sank when we saw Mahomes get up and start to wobble a bit. However, head coach Andy Reid had positive things to say after the game.

“He’s doing great right now, which is a real positive. We’ll see where it goes from here”

Even without Mahomes in the fourth, the Chiefs looked comfortable, and never fazed. In fact, these three players had a lot to do with that.

Chiefs Good Offensive Performances

Darrel Williams, RB

Honestly, Darrel Williams deserves some type of recognition for his play today. No Clyde Edwards-Helaire, and starts over Le’Veon Bell and manages to go out there and ball out.

In a game where the narrative was forced that the Chiefs cannot run the ball, they showed their versatility. Everyone on the Browns expected Kansas City to be a shoo-in for the passing game, and they managed to do both well.

Williams 13 carries led the team, as well as his 78 rushing yards. However, his game was more than just stats. Williams used his combination of size and speed to pick up big first downs.

Sometimes it is not always about the big plays, but if a back can get it done in the short-yardage situations. He did that, and some, as Mahomes got him involved in the passing game as well.

If Clyde Edwards-Helaire is not fully back next week, the Chiefs can rest assured knowing Williams will be good to go.

Travis Kelce, TE

Another stellar performance from Travis Kelce means another day we get to call him the best tight end in football. Kelce showed his worthiness and even made some defenders look unworthy.

By now, you may have seen it. Travis Kelce was putting Denzel Ward into a spin cycle and making him touch earth real quick. If you have yet to see it, well, here you go.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3wiY9e_eeQ[/embedyt]

Shortly after making the poor guy fall, Kelce soared into the air for a touchdown. That was just one of his eight catches for 109 yards on a great performance for the Chiefs.

Tyreek Hill, WR

Tyreek Hill was involved in the biggest play of the season and helped Chiefs “Superstar for a week” Chad Henne convert the fourth down to keep their winning drive alive. I’m sure some of it had to do with Cleveland being confused about Chad Henne. However, Tyreek Hill’s speed is what made that play possible.

The Browns struggled with Hill all game long, especially on crossing routes. It seemed as if the Browns were confident in their ability to stick with hill one on one, which is kind of silly to think.

This man is the fastest guy in the NFL, so to put one guy on him is ridiculous, but hey, I’ll stop complaining. Tyreek also had eight receptions for 110 yards, making the two the most dangerous receiving combo in the playoffs this week.

While there were some good performances by the Chiefs this week, Buffalo is coming to town next weekend. Josh Allen and company won’t be hearing any of the small talk going on about the defending champs.

Featured Image Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports