The Kansas City Chiefs have never really been known for their defense, since the Patrick Mahomes era, that is. And, that is okay when you have an offense as dominant as this one has been.

Over the last five years, there has not been an offense more efficient and dominant than that of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Now, the defense could definitely be better.

In 2018 the team’s defense was run by Bob Sutton, and we all know how that went.

Even when Steve Spagnuolo got there the defense wasn’t great to start. They let the Indianapolis Colts run the ball down their throats in 2019 and lost 19-13 to Jacoby Brissett.

The Chiefs were 4-0 entering that game, and lost their first of the year because they couldn’t stop the run. They gave up 180 rushing yards that game.

Now, they are going to face the Indianapolis Colts again on Sunday and could face the same problems.

Colts’ run game could give Chiefs problems, again

Yes, the Indianapolis Colts just lost to the Jaguars, and basically lost to the Houston Texans, so, it’s not looking great for them. And, for all we know, they could be the worst team in football, it’s very possible.

However, this is the NFL, and anyone can beat anyone, so the Chiefs don’t need to disregard the Colts just because of the first two weeks.

We mentioned earlier that the Colts ran it down the Chief’s throat in 2019. What we didn’t mention is who their running back was. They did that with Marlon Mack, who was great then. However, he is no Jonathan Taylor, who is widely considered the leagues best running back now.

Just last year he finished with nearly 2,00 rushing yards, and had 20 total touchdowns, rushing and receiving. He will be a bigger problem for the Chiefs than Mack was, and I don’t think you can argue that.

Luckily, the Chief’s run defense has gotten better, but it’s still not good enough. They will need Chris Jones, Frank Clark, Derrick Nnadi, Nick Bolton, and the rest of the first and second levels of the defense to step up.

If they don’t we could easily see the Colts taking possession of the ball for long periods of time, keeping Mahomes off the field, forcing them to play faster than we’d like.

It won’t be easy, but this part of the defense needs to step up. The Chiefs should be able to at least contain Taylor, though, because you can’t really stop him.

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