There may not be a smarter or more mature quarterback at the age of 25 in the history of the NFL than Patrick Lavon Mahomes. Instead of blowing parts of his ‘half a billion dollar’ contract, he has smartly invested his money.

Yes, as a husband, and father that’s what he should do, be more responsible, and set his family up long-term. That is precisely what Mahomes is doing, but at such a young age, with so much money and fame.

Soon after Mahomes received the record-breaking contract, he became a part-owner of the Kansas City Royals; you know the big baseball stadium right next door to Arrowhead.

The superstar goes to some of the games and even participates in celebrity softball games. Now, he will have another home team to root for with his most recent purchase. It is safe to say, the MVP is making moves off the field and handling his business.

Mahomes Becomes Part Owner of Sporting KC

As long as you are from the area, you don’t have to know much about soccer to know who Sporting KC is. Major League Soccer (MLS) is starting to become very popular in the United States, and Kansas City has a team of its own.

Not only do they have a team, but Sporting KC is and has been pretty good in the past. A purchase of ownership on yet another professional sports team is huge for the Mahomes brand, and it can also help us dream about future situations.

Seeing as how involved in Kansas City sports Patrick Mahomes and his wife are (Including the Women’s Soccer League), it only makes you wonder about what is next.

People have been pushing for an NBA team in Kansas City for quite some time, and Mahomes is one of those people. Seeing this only means, he would want to try and become part-owner of a potential NBA team in Kansas City. It is safe to say that he is helping the Chiefs win and the city as well.

Featured Image Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports