KANSAS CITY – The Chiefs have won the AFC West the last six years in a row, which is the longest streak inside the division. Honestly, in those last six years, it hasn’t been necessarily close either. The Chiefs have become the kings of the division and have the potential to keep it up. 

While, yes, the division is only getting better, the Chiefs have experience over all the other teams. I mean, no one in the division has won it in six years, so the Chiefs have history on their side.

While these are all great reasons to pick Kansas City, there is a pretty well-known media member who insists on the Las Vegas Raiders winning the AFC West. Why? Well, that is a good question.

Rich Eisen doesn’t have the Chiefs winning the division

I get all the hype around the other teams in the division, I really do. I mean, Justin Herbert is already looking like a 2.0 version of Patrick Mahomes. The Raiders got the best receiver in football. The Broncos got Russell Wilson, who has won a Super Bowl already.

But I’m still not sold on any other team winning the division other than Kansas City.

However, Rich Eisen is. As a matter of fact, he convinced himself the Raiders would win the division.

Here is what Eisen said on his show, the Rich Eisen Show:

“I like Davante [Adams] there. I think Josh McDaniels being there with this new offense, we just talked to Waller yesterday who said if Adams is double covered, there’s him and Renfrow in the middle of the field spinning around making people look foolish. And I like Chandler Jones.”

I love Eisen’s work, but there are some flaws in his statement. Josh McDaniels is in his second go-around as a head coach. The first time was with Denver. There is a reason this is his second time being hired as a head coach.

Davante Adams is great, with Aaron Rodgers. We have not seen a single season of Derek Carr and Adams together, in the NFL, however. This is not the Mountain West conference, and this is not Fresno State. If we have no evidence of them ever playing together in the NFL, where it is undoubtedly harder, why are we so high on the two. Plus, it’s been nearly a decade since the two combined for a completion in a football game. They may be best of friends, but it will certainly take a little time, at least, to develop a rapport. 

Yes, they will likely be great. However, for that to be the main reason for the Raiders to win the division is insane to me.

Maybe I’ll eat my words, maybe not. Either way, the Chiefs are kings of the division until further notice. The numbers speak for themselves.

Featured Image Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports