The Kansas City Chiefs have one of their best draft classes in recent years. While George Karlaftis and Trent McDuffie may have headlined it, Skyy Moore was a guy that a lot of people were excited about on offense.

Well, Karlaftis has had a great start, and McDuffie has been injured but has shown great flashes while healthy. As for Moore, he hasn’t quite lived up to the expectations Chiefs fans have had for him.

By a lot of people, he wasn’t supposed to be the next Tyreek Hill, but he was supposed to fill the void that Hill left, somewhat, especially in the speed department.

Moore was immediately put into the punt return role, and it didn’t go well. From there, fans, and media, started to feel like Moore would start to get down on himself, as he kept making mistake after mistake. Not to mention, he cost the Chiefs a win in Indianapolis, kind of anyways.

But, that wasn’t the case, and it still isn’t. Moore has the confidence level you like to see from a rookie.

“It’s great,” Reid said when asked about rookie Skyy Moores’ confidence level. “He had the punt returns that were a bit of a mess, but he had never done that. The guys kept encouraging him through this, whether it was his coach, Joe [Bleymaier], or [Offensive Quality Control] Connor [Embree], they just kept encouraging him.

“The players stuck by him. They could see how talented he was. Nobody looked at him cross-eyed. That peer pressure is the strongest pressure in that case.”

The Chiefs love what they are seeing out of Moore, especially this last week against the Los Angeles Chargers. When the Chiefs had guys out, guess who stepped up?

Moore had seven catches on the year before Sunday Night Football in Week 11. In that game alone he had five catches. Moore also had more than half of his season’s total receiving yards in that game as well.

He finished with 63 receiving yards, and before Sunday night had 106 on the season.

I’m sure the Chiefs are loving what they are starting to see out of Moore, and I’m not just talking about the play on the field. They have to be impressed with the way he has been able to bounce back from everything that has seemed to go wrong around him.

He has certainly defied what people have started to think about him, whether it be that he isn’t as good as everyone thought, or that he doesn’t have confidence in himself. Either way, we are starting to see him break out of his shell.

Featured Image Via Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports