Even though the Kansas City Chiefs traded Hill away to Miami back in March, he’s still brought up just about every time the Chiefs are brought up.

The momentum picked back up once Hill started his own podcast and it really hasn’t lost track, since. The whole hyping up Tua Tagovailoa (especially in some situations where the film doesn’t lie) has actually led to conversations on national networks comparing the Dolphins quarterback to Mahomes. Even Hill has tried comparing the two when you can’t compare the two.

The Chiefs have played it straight during the whole exchange, but there’s a chance that Mahomes wasn’t the only taking shots after Chiefs practice on Friday.

Skyy Moore takes a shot?

Moore has shown so much potential already in his little time being a pro. It seems like Mahomes has liked playing with Moore, and Moore loves playing with Mahomes.

“Man, like with Pat [Mahomes] you’re not getting underthrown here, so you know we are just a bunch of minions out there running,” Moore told reporters on Thursday.

When reading between the lines, it certainly seems like Moore is taking a shot at the Dolphins, here. He likely isn’t, but one could certainly interpret that way.

However, it needs to be said that if so, it’s honestly pretty damn genius.

This saga that continued way longer than it should have for some odd reason. And Hill talking down on the Chiefs is just silly. But, at the end of the day, we all know talk is cheap in football and it’s what happens on the field that really matters.

Moore needs to get used to not being underthrown because Mahomes will for sure use that speed to his advantage. I don’t know if it will be this year, and it very well could be, but we could see Moore used the same way that Hill was used.

This season will be fun, and the offense will be as explosive as ever. Don’t think just because Hill is no longer on the team, that it won’t be. Mahomes is going to prove everyone wrong once again, including the people comparing him to Tagovailoa.

Featured image via Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports