The Kansas City Chiefs are known for having some of the best-looking plays on offense. I mean, let’s face it, they should have at least one play on the top 10 plays every week.

Their offense is one that has a lot of style, and pizzazz, I guess you can say. That comes with the Andy Reid and Eric Bieniemy offense.

I mean, we have seen some plays and finishes of some plays that we have never seen before, until Reid, that is.

The Chiefs’ offense didn’t take a step back like everyone thought it would without Tyreek Hill. Instead, it is more efficient. The ball is going to different players more often. We are seeing Mahomes get involved with other players in scenarios we would usually see Hill or Kelce.

We are also seeing Mahomes play some of his best football. In fact, I think on Sunday against the Chargers, he made one of the best throws he has made, ever.

“I did,” Andy Reid said. “No, that was a thing of beauty. It was a great throw, a great catch. Jody was rolling. He was full stride – and he’s got some very long strides (laughs). And he was full throttle there.

“To be able to go down and get the way he did was – it was beautiful. That’s a big‐time play by him. A big‐time throw by Patrick.”

That throw was more than a thing of beauty. First of all, I don’t think Jody Fortson initially thought that ball was getting to him, because it looked like there was no way it could have.

The receivers are making tremendous plays too, showing that everyone basically counted them out when the Hill trade happened.

Mahomes is the MVP frontrunner, and anyone who says he isn’t, just show them that throw.

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