Struggling on special teams is not usually something the Kansas City Chiefs have to worry about. History shows that, at least since Andy Reid and Dave Toub have been here, the special teams have been good.

But this year is a little different. Teams are capitalizing on the Chiefs’ errors they are making in that phase, and honestly, it has already lost them one game this year.

In my opinion, it was the biggest reason the Indianapolis Colts won their Week 3 matchup against the Chiefs. The missed field goals and extra points, along with the muffed punts completely destroyed the confidence and momentum Kansas City had in that game.

While it hasn’t lost them another game, there are still moments where the special teams are making costly errors. I mean, look at Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams. Rookie receiver Skyy Moore had yet another muffed punt return, and it could have been much worse than it was.

That leads to the question that a lot of people are asking. Why are the special teams so bad this year?

“I think one great learning place for the players, especially the young players, is to put them on special teams, and then you just continually progress and get better as the season goes on,” Reid said.

“There (are) going to be some early issues as we go here and then you hope that it continues to pick up as we go forward. That’s where we’re at right now.”

Reid thinks, or so he says, the issue is youth, and that would make a lot of sense. With youth usually comes inexperienced guys, like Moore.

Moore has never returned punts before this season. Not in college, and possibly not in high school. So, for this being his first time, it would make sense for him to have some hiccups.

Let’s also not forget, he is a receiver. he is a wide receiver first, which is a big reason why you saw him have two huge plays after the muffed punt.

“I think, we’re playing a number of young guys, you know we’re anticipating things to get better,” Reid continued. “We’ve gotten better in some areas, so we’ll keep working through it. As far as the returner thing goes, I’ve been through that before. 

“..Again, I’m not going to put that on Skyy (Moore). We’ve asked him to learn that and go in there and do it and we gave him a second chance to do it and it didn’t work out as well as we hoped but we’ll figure it out and we’ll get it right. Dave (Toub) he’s as good as there is, so we’ll get things straightened out there.”

The Chiefs ended up changing from Moore to Justin Watson after the muffed punt, and he seemed to handle that pretty well. Watson has played special teams this year, but not really as a returner.

“Justin (Watson) again, he looked like he caught the ball fairly easy back there and comfortable. We’ll see, we’ll see. I haven’t met with (Assistant Head Coach/Special Teams Coordinator Dave) Toub on it yet, but we’ll see where we go moving forward with it. But he seemed to be a pretty good catcher back there.”

Luckily for the Chiefs, that seems to be their only real issue, as of right now. Also lucky for the Chiefs, they have a guy in Dave Toub who is one of the best in the business when it comes to Special teams.

He will get it fixed, and I think Reid knows that too. He trusts him to do the right things, and as long as Reid trusts him, I do, and you should too.

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