There are a ton of elite duos across the NFL, and the Kansas City Chiefs have one of them in Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes. But we all knew that.

There is a different type of duo around the league that the Chiefs also have a member of.

There are a ton of brothers in the league, and while most, if not all of them, don’t play with each other, they are still considered a duo. Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce are one of those. According to, they are one of the best brother duos in all of football.

Chiefs’ and Eagles’ Kelce are an elite brotherly duo

The article on is, not ironically, written by both David and Derek Carr, which in the grand scheme of things is pretty cool, to be honest.

They both ranked the Kelces as the third-best brother duo in the league behind the Watts and Bosas.

Here is what Derek Carr, the guy who plays against them thought:

It’s hard enough to make it to the NFL, let alone perform at the highest level at your respective position for a decade. That’s essentially what both Jason and Travis have done. Between the two of them, they have two Super Bowl titles, 12 Pro Bowl nods, and seven first-team All-Pro selections. Those are extraordinary accomplishments, and they’re still adding to their legacies. Plus, Travis caught a touchdown pass from me in my first Pro Bowl after the 2015 season. He deserves a shoutout for that — even though he plays for a division rival.”

I can see why the two were ranked where they were by the Carrs. However, I think there can be a case made for the Kelces at the number one spot, and here is why.

When you look at all the other duos on this list, none of them have been as consistently good as the Kelces, and haven’t done it for nearly as long.

Sure, J.J. Watt has done it for a while, but T.J. Watt is just getting started. The same can be said for Joey and Nick Bosa.

This is Travis Kelces’ 10th season and Jason Kelces’ 12th season. That’s 22 combined seasons of nothing but greatness.

You can read the rest of the article here.

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