The Kansas City Chiefs open up their season -like most of the league- on August 20th, against the Arizona Cardinals.

It’s finally football time. While the preseason is great, for a quarter or two, the regular season is where it’s at.

This season is a bit different than the ones of past. Every year the Chiefs are the favorites, and get all of the love. This year, everyone has counted Kansas City out. It’s almost as if losing Tyreek Hill instantly made them a bad team.

All the talk of the off-season was about the Chiefs and their six straight division titles ending.

While they haven’t gotten the same amount of love, they will still get some red carpet treatment on opening weekend.

Chiefs get the best broadcast crew on opening weekend

Per CBS Sports, Jim Nantz, Tony Romo, and Tracy Wolfson are covering the week one game between the Chiefs and Cardinals.

According to most NFL fans, this is the best broadcast you can get when your team isn’t playing on national television.

This means more fans will watch the game. Yes, it really does, I know it sounds crazy. The broadcast crew most certainly helps with viewers, and this one is largely considered the best. The better broadcast your team gets, the more fans will watch. Not only that, but it also means the more national attention the team as a whole will get.

The Chiefs are still getting the red carpet treatment, even after they have been disrespected all off-season, and it has to feel good. That’s what happens though when you win a Super Bowl.

Featured Image Via Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports