The Kansas City Chiefs have an impressive group of young guys on the squad. With the great draft class from last season and the one that just happened a few months ago, the Chiefs appear to be set for a while at certain positions.

One player that fans and analysts have been watching is former Wisconsin linebacker Leo Chenal. The rookie linebacker is known and has said it many times already, for loving to hit guys. He even asked linebackers coach Brendan Daly when he could hit someone, so he knew what day to circle on his calendar. That’s the type of guy the Chiefs are getting.

But with the way Chiefs training camp has transpired so far, there are reports that Chenal is doing things he did not necessarily do at Wisconsin.

Chiefs’ rookie Chenal shows off some coverage skills

When the Chiefs drafted Chenal, I don’t think they thought about him potentially being a guy that can play in coverage. However, he is already showing his ability to do so. 

According to Ryan Tracy of Locked On Chiefs, Chenal recorded an interception in the 7-on-7 portion of Sunday’s training camp by tipping the ball to himself in the end zone and saving what would have been a touchdown. 

This isn’t something people are used to seeing from Chenal, who recorded just one interception in 25 games during his time at Wisconsin. So, obviously, the Chiefs are hoping there is plenty more of this to come.

It was a nice recovery for Chenal, who struggled with the heat on Saturday. That’s the exact type of resolve/resilience it takes to succeed in the NFL and Chenal is surrounded by some of the game’s best. So, he can’t afford to have two bad days in a row.

But not only is he improving his own will, he’s improving his game. Playing against this offense will only further Chenal’s abilities and he knows it, as well.

”Being able to compete against that, iron sharpens iron,” Chenal said when asked about playing against Patrick Mahomes in practice. “Well, in reality, diamond sharpens copper with that guy.”

If the Chiefs can develop Chenal’s coverage game, it would be a major development for the defense. That would give KC three good linebackers in coverage, which means more options for Steve Spagnuolo’s multiple looks. We all know how Spags loves to play mind games with opposing offenses, so it’s always important for his second- and third-level players to be able to take on multiple responsibilities.

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