The Kansas City Chiefs offense has been explosive this year, just like the fans knew it would, and the opposite of what the media expected.

Yeah, the Chiefs don’t have Tyreek Hill anymore, but I think it is safe to say that both sides are doing well. The Chiefs have the best offense in football still, and Hill is looking like the best receiver in football. It’s a win-win.

A huge reason the Chiefs’ offense is still amazing is because of Patrick Mahomes, who has been forced to up his game. he is playing at an MVP level right now, and it’s because of the offense he is running.

There is one simple thing the Chiefs are doing this year that is working incredibly well. Mahomes is hitting his check downs and passing to running backs in the short game. Simple, but effective.

“I’ll probably say just because of the success. Last year towards the end, Pat [Mahomes] started checking it down more than he was before,” Jerick McKinnon said of the short passing game. “Not just to me, but just in general.

“It just comes along in practice with that trust, him knowing where the back is going to be, and it’s me, pop [Isiah Pacheco], or Clyde [Edwards-Helaire] just being available and making positive gains out of it. So, you know, that’s all it is, you know, whatever it takes to keep the chains going, keep those positive plays and yards going, and coming away with scores.”

Before, when Mahomes had Hill, the offense was predicated on deep shots a whole lot more. Now, the intermediate game and short passes set up the deep shots.

Not only has it made Mahomes play better, smarter, and more efficiently, but has made the offense look like a well-oiled machine.

Somehow the simplest things are working so well for the Chiefs.

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