One of the Kansas City Chiefs‘ best young players has been dealing with injuries since the middle of last season, and on Monday during media availability, another Chiefs player gave us the update we all needed.

Jody Fortson has been one of the more relentless players in the NFL over the last few years. From playing JUCO football to bouncing back and forth on the Chiefs roster, and then landing on IR in early 2021, to recently tweaking his quad in practice, Fortson has seen and done it all.

But he keeps going no matter the circumstance.

A ton of people would have given up by now if they had faced the adversity that Fortson has faced. However, he is different, and all his teammates know that as well.

Chiefs’ Travis Kelce gives update on Fortson

On Monday, August 1, after the first day of pads, Travis Kelce joined the media to talk about training camp.

And as it turned out, one of the topics he spoke on was Forston.

“100% and he’s getting better,” Kelce told reporters on Monday when asked if Fortson looked like the same guy before the quad injury.

“You know, as he grows and gets his body back into the endurance you need as a football player, you know he just tweaked something the other day I believe, he will be back out there working his tail off as we know Jody [Fortson] does.”

Fortson has shown so many great glimpses of greatness. Even last year with his two touchdown receptions, Fortson was putting on a show. This fan base loves him, and they only hope he gets better. His versatility to be a receiver and tight end is why the Chiefs love him, and they will for sure need him this year.

Forston was seen on the sidelines with trainers Monday, so while he isn’t practicing in full, the comeback is clearly on its way. It’s just a matter of him simply getting back up to speed, per what Kelce said.

If Fortson can overcome everything he has so far in his career, this little tweak will be nothing to him. He is so respected in the locker room for overcoming everything that has been thrown at him. I think that’s why you see guys like Kelce give him such high praise.

Featured image via Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports