The hype around the Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Willie Gay Jr. has been real. Even last year, during his rookie season, we were all just waiting for him to go off. Unfortunately, he never got much time to shine.

The sophomore year is supposed to be a big one for Willie Gay Jr., especially with him being named the starter. That is big time for the second-year player out of Mississippi State who has shown all flashes of freak athleticism and IQ.

The Chiefs love what they have in Willie Gay Jr., they just needed a year for him to learn before being thrown in the fire. While this toe injury isn’t the “end all be all” for Gay, it can set him back a bit.

Chiefs Willie Gay Jr. injured, What this means for Bolton

While we never wish an injury upon anyone, there are some positives to the situation at hand. It may not be positive for Willie Gay Jr., but it definitely is for Nick Bolton.

As of right now, Nick Bolton would be the starter for game one against the Browns this Sunday. The rookie from Missouri may not be fully ready to start his first game, but unfortunately, he has to be.

This may be helpful for Nick Bolton though, as he will learn quickly by doing instead of watching. There is only so much you can learn by practice and watching. You have to be able to do the things needed in live game situations, and practice cannot always generate that feeling or situation.

The Chiefs are high on Bolton as well. While they like Gay Jr., better for the time being due to the last year he spent in Kansas City, the coaching should be excited to see their 2021 first pick get his hands dirty against the Browns.

As for Willie Gay Jr., this is just a minor setback. He is a guy who had an amazing camp and had times that made everyone pick their jaw up from the ground. But, there is one thing that may worry fans and the Chiefs as well.

So far, the second-year linebacker from Mississippi State has dealt with injuries. Just this year and the season has not even started yet, he has dealt with three injuries. This toe injury and the concussion he had during training camp are the two major issues with Gay Jr.

The Chiefs should not be worried for week one. For starters, they have a guy named Patrick Mahomes. Secondly, they have addressed the linebacker depth that seemed to be a week spot over the last few years. This Sunday, we will get to see a rookie linebacker showcase his skills, a revamped offensive line, and the start of another Superbowl run.

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