Kansas City is set up for a potential bye in the first round for the third straight year. If they win on Saturday, and the Tennessee Titans lose to the Houston Texans, the Chiefs are once again the number one seed.

However, it starts with the things they can control first, and that would be this Saturday against the Denver Broncos. With the Chiefs already have beaten the Broncos once this year, Saturday may not be a problem, for a few different reasons.

On Saturday, the Broncos may not be entirely into the idea of winning any more games this year. They are officially out of the playoff race, and it would be better for them to lose. If Denver loses on Saturday, they would have a higher chance at getting a better pick in the draft.

However, there is something working in the Broncos favor for Saturday’s game. Clyde Edwards-Helaire is not playing, and that could impact the game immensely.

Impact of Edwards-Helaire not playing for Chiefs vs Broncos

The Chiefs have a small issue they have to deal with for Saturday’s game. While all the cards are lined up for Kansas City to win, they could still lose.

This is a division rivalry game, and anything can happen. It also does not help when your starting running back won’t be playing. Some may think this isn’t a big issue, and while that may be true, it still needs to be discussed.

The Chiefs don’t need Clyde Edwards-Helaire to be successful. They were super bowl winners before drafting him. They even won some games this year without him. But he does help this offense a lot.

While Darrel Williams has been a serviceable back, he is not quite the pass-catcher that Edwards-Helaire is. Both are great at running with the ball, but Edwards-Helaire has a wider skill set.

Being able to catch the ball out of the backfield adds layers to the offense. Sure, they can still throw it to Williams and he may have success, but that is something we just don’t know.

The loss of Edwards-Helaire will not impact the Chiefs much for this game. Luckily he is out for just this one. You can expect to see the Chiefs run the ball a bit more with Williams getting the start. And who knows, that may be better for Kansas City.

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