The Kansas City Chiefs have had leaders all over the roster the last few years. That’s what happens when you win a Super Bowl – your team develops leaders. Of course, we all know who they were.

Tyrann Mathieu being gone will always feel weird. Yeah, he was only here for a few years, but those few years felt like a lifetime of huddled-up moments with him screaming “Hey! This is why we are here dawg! This is why we are here!”

That will never get old.

As for Anthony Hitchens, he was the leader everyone on the team respected, but no one in the national media knew about it. Hitchens is the type of guy that would tell his teammates where they need to be on defense. He also had some great pregame speeches.

Now, we are left without both of them as Mathieu is in New Orleans and Hitchens is still waiting to get a call from another team.

Without those guys on the team, someone has to step up and be a leader. Two of the younger guys are already doing just that.

Chiefs’ Willie Gay Jr. stepping into a bigger role

The Chiefs need new leaders, at a lot of positions, but mainly on defense. Now they have two younger guys that are willing to step up and fill that void.

One of them is third-year linebacker Willie Gay Jr.

“Oh yeah, I definitely feel like my role has increased,” Gay told reporters Wednesday. “Those two guys [Mathieu and Hitchens] were big parts of this defense, of this team, so now I feel like me and Nick [Bolton] both have bigger roles to fill. To lead this defense…”

No one is expecting these two guys to be the leaders the previous two were. That just wouldn’t be fair, considering Bolton and Gay are in their second and third years. However, we are expecting them to get better as their career goes on. The fact that they decided to take that upon themselves says a lot.

I can’t wait to see how well they lead the defense. Hopefully this year, or in the future, we get to hear Gay Jr. and Bolton giving pre-game speeches before the Super Bowl, one that gives us chills the same way the Honey Badger did.

Featured image via Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports