The Kansas City Chiefs fell apart on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts, falling to 2-1. No, it isn’t the end of the world, but it’s still a win that could hurt, for sure.

The Chiefs had ample amount of opportunities to win the game and they kept shooting themselves in the foot. The special teams started it with a muffed punt by Skyy Moore, leading to a goal-line touchdown.

Then, it seemed like the offense had never touched the ball before, as they literally could not get any sort of flow going in the game. And just when it seemed the defense had won them the game on a fourth-down sack, Chris Jones gets a penalty called on him for unsportsmanlike conduct.

To make matters even better, there is now some drama surrounding the Chiefs.

We have all seen what happened at halftime by now. For some reason, it shouldn’t be something that is big, but it is. We don’t know what goes on behind the locker room doors between the coaches and players.

Here is what coach Reid, who pulled Mahomes away from Bieniemy, had to say.

“But really, if you heard the words that were said, that wasn’t, I don’t know how it looked to you guys, but there wasn’t a confrontation at all,” Reid told the media. “That’s not what it was.”

Then Mahomes was asked about the situation.

“I pretty much just said let me have a chance at it and he [Bieniemy] was just like let’s get back in our locker room and we will get something going for the next half,” Mahomes told reporters. “I don’t know if that’s an altercation but that was the end of the conversation.”

While all that is exactly what you want to hear as a Chiefs fan, there is still something else.

One former Chiefs player came out and talked about the situation, and even gave his opinion on the Patrick Mahomes – Eric Bieniemy ‘talking match’ had at the half.

Chiefs former running back Shady McCoy speaks about Bieniemy

A Bleacher Report-led account posted the video of the ‘altercation’ on Instagram, and this is what McCoy commented.

“All Bieniemy does os argue wit the players .. KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT passing or PLAY CALLING.”

And yes, before anyone says anything, it is the real “Shady McCoy.”

McCoy may know what he is talking about. He won a Super Bowl with the Chiefs in 2019, and actually started nine games for the team.

Not only was Bieniemy around him all the time because of play-calling duties, but he also deals with the running backs a lot, being a former NFL running back.

I’m not saying McCoy is right or wrong. However, I will say that McCoy has no reason to bring this up now. What does he gain from this? Nothing. So, just keep that in mind.

Hopefully, this is nothing, but these comments definitely make it feel like it’s something.

Featured Image Via Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports