Kadarius Toney has only been with the Kansas City Chiefs for a couple of weeks, but he’s quickly made a big impact.

Toney was a key part of the Chiefs’ 27-17 win against the Jacksonville Jaguars this past weekend.

The former Florida standout caught four passes for 57 yards and a touchdown. He also had two rushes for 33 yards.

Those might seem like modest numbers, but they’re pretty impressive for a player who just joined the team a couple of weeks ago.

So why has Toney been able to find chemistry with Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes so quickly?

Mahomes thinks it’s because Toney’s offensive coordinator with the New York Giants was former Chiefs quarterbacks coach Mike Kafka.

“I think it helps that he was in kind of a similar offense in New York,” said Mahomes after the win against the Jaguars. “I mean Kafka’s there so he understands some of the words and it kind of clicks to him about stuff like that, but I mean ever since he’s been here he’s got to be in that facility just as much as I have. I mean he’s making sure he knows the splits.”

“He’s making sure he knows exactly the route combinations, the different audibles that we have on the offense,” added Mahomes. “I mean when you have a guy that’s that talented that wants to learn and get better and better, those are those special players that you want on your team.”

Acquiring Toney was supposed to be a move that made the Chiefs better in 2023 (due to KC possibly losing a couple of wide receivers after the season).

But based on the way Toney played against Jacksonville, it certainly appears that Toney is going to be very important for Kansas City down the stretch.

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