Week 18, something that has never happened before in the NFL. For the Chiefs, it was a game too close for comfort against the Denver Broncos. The team fighting for one seed was struggling to beat a team that would probably rather lose and actually sat some of its players.

The Kansas City Chiefs obviously came away with the win, as they have against the Broncos 13 straight times now. The last time Denver beat Kansas City, Obama was the president, which is crazy.

Now, that doesn’t mean the two teams haven’t had close games. As a matter of fact, both games this year were somewhat close. This past Saturday, the contest was decided by just a few points in the Chiefs favor.

So, is it safe to say the Chiefs struggled against Denver? Yes, they did. With that being said, here is what needs to be fixed before the playoffs start if Kansas City wants to make another playoff run.

Chiefs offensive problems that need to be addressed

The rushing game needs to be better. With Darrel Williams playing on Saturday, who is a better pure runner than Edwards-Helaire, you would think the rushing attack would be better.

It isn’t necessarily about total rushing yards, but instead yards per rush. The Chiefs averaged 4.7 yards per rush as compared to the Broncos’ 6.8. Which is a big difference, even if it may not seem like it.

The Chiefs need to establish a good run game early on to open up the passing game. Yes, we have heard it all year, but have really yet to see it executed as well as it could be.

While we are on the topic, the Chiefs yards per pass attempt could be better as well. Their 5.7 yards per pass was worse than the Broncos’ 6.7.

The only stat the Chiefs had the advantage over Denver was passing yards at 255 to the Broncos 173, while Kansas City still only had 26 more yards than Denver.

Some Chiefs fans will say, “but Kansas City won the game so it doesn’t matter.”

However, without the miraculous play by Melvin Ingram and Nick Bolton which scored a touchdown, the Chiefs may have lost that game.

They have to be better. Teams in the playoffs will be better than Denver. Yes, there was hardly any Tyreek Hill, but that cannot be an excuse with this roster and the history over the last few seasons.

Featured Image Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports