Man, were the fans of Chiefs Kingdom worried heading into this game. I mean, and rightfully so, they had every reason to be. The then division-leading Las Vegas Raiders were hosting the struggling Kansas City Chiefs at home on Sunday night football.

No one was really sure what Chiefs team would show up. No one was quite sure if the defense would play well, which fans have no reason to believe they would. No one thought the offense would explode, especially looking at last week.

With a narrow win over the Giants, the Chiefs looked behind on offense. They were slow. they were bad. Yes, it was raining. However, this offense is one that is known for being explosive, and they have hardly looked the part for most of this season. That is until they visited the Las Vegas Raiders.

Kansas City Chiefs look like their old self in win over Raiders

This game was close all the way until the second half, in which Kansas City ran away with it. Honestly, if it wasn’t for their second-half defense, the Chiefs would not have even been in that position.

It is fair to give the defense most of the credit for their lockdown play in the second half. Looking at the stat sheet, you may notice something that does not happen often in the Chiefs games.

Kansas City held the Raiders scoreless in the first and last quarters of the game. They don’t often do that, but when they do, you can almost guarantee a win.

With Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs offense back at bay, the Chiefs looked unbeatable in the second half. With 17 in the first half, they matched, and beat that by scoring 24 in the second half.

All that was led by Mahomes offensively, who had an amazing game. If the defense can play like that every game, and Patrick Mahomes can lead the team offensively and play smarter, this team is bound to make the super bowl.

Featured Image Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports