The Kansas City Chiefs absolutely demolished the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday Night Football. The score says 41-31, but I promise you it was not that close. and there are a few reasons why.

Of course, we are all star-struck by the game that Patrick Mahomes had. Not necessarily the stats he put up, but the throws he was making.

Yeah, he had the little lob pass to Clyde Edwards-Helaire, but there were other things the Chiefs offense did that got them the win.

The main thing I’m talking about is something a lot of Chiefs fans don’t want. The main thing I’m talking about actually has nothing to do with passing the ball.

The Chiefs finally got the memo on what this team needs to do to be dominant moving forward.

The Chiefs offense ran the ball against the Buccaneers

For the longest time, we have been talking about how this Chiefs team needs to run the ball more. They have all the tools to be great at it, too, they just never have ran it much.

They have the run-blocking offensive line. They have the running backs that can run on the outside but also between the tackles. They just simply don’t run it as much as they should.

On Sunday, they did. I guess you could say they finally got the memo.

This team has never been a running team during the Mahomes era, at least in my opinion. Yeah, there have been teams that run the ball well, but none were a run-first team. And no, I’m not saying this team needs to be run first. However, they need to run it more.

On Sunday, the Chiefs walked out of Raymond James Stadium with 189 rushing yards, their most of the year. The more impressive feat is the fact they did that against a prominent defense like what the Buccaneers have.

The run game opened up so much more for the Chiefs offense. It gave them more opportunities to go deep. It gave them more opportunities to force Tampa Bay to blitz, and we know how well he plays when teams blitz against him.

There are so many more things a team can do when they are balanced in all facets of an offense.

I’d love to see them do the same thing against the Las Vegas Raiders on Monday Night Football. They aren’t great at stopping the run. Well, at least not as good as the Buccaneers are, and look how well that went.

Featured Image Via  Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports