The Kansas City Chiefs signed safety Justin Reid this offseason to replace Tyrann Mathieu in the secondary.

Reid, however, could end up earning an additional role during preseason action.

On Saturday, in the Chiefs’ preseason opener against the Chicago Bears, Reid was used to kick an extra point.

And he nailed it.

Reid’s extra point attempt came after he hit a 65-yard field goal during practice earlier this month.

We’ve seen non-kickers attempt field goals/extra points before, but it usually looks awkward (even if it’s a successful attempt).

Reid, though, looked the part. That probably has a lot to do with his history as a soccer player.

The Chiefs are of course hoping nothing happens to kicker Harrison Butker this season. But if he’s injured in the middle of a game, they’ll be in good shape thanks to Reid.

I don’t know if they’ll let him attempt a 60-yard game-winning field goal, but at least they know he has the leg for it if it’s needed.

Featured image via USA TODAY Sports