The Kansas City Chiefs are coming off of a win against the Los Angeles Chargers. It wasn’t pretty, but a win is a win. With that victory, the Chiefs are now in first place of the AFC West, the hardest division in all of football.

The Chiefs are on track to do something they couldn’t do last season. We all know about the struggles the team had at the beginning of the season. They were brutal, to say the least.

This is feels a bit different. They have a chance to do something they didn’t do last year. And while last year started bad, it was still somewhat a successful season with an AFC Championship game appearance against the Cincinnati Bengals.

If they beat the Indianapolis Colts in Week 3, they will have started the season 3-0, something they didn’t do last season.

The Chiefs can go 3-0 for a few reasons.

If anyone watched the Colts game this last week, then you know the Chiefs going 3-0 won’t be very hard, at all.

The Chiefs demolished the Arizona Cardinals in Week 2, and it was never close. If you watched the game, then you know the Cardinals simply couldn’t do anything to stop Kansas City. If you watched the Colts this week, you saw the beating they took from the Jacksonville Jaguars, a team that is not supposed to be very good. The Colts lost 24-0, by the way.

That right there, is the team the Chiefs are tasked with beating in Week 3 to make their record 3-0. If the Jaguars can put so much pressure on Matt Ryan that he throws three interceptions, think about what the Chiefs can do.

The Colts are looking like a team that won’t be as good as people initially thought. Getting to 3-0 should be a piece of cake, a lot easier than it would have been last year. Let’s just hope they can get it done.

Featured Image Via Matt Kryger/IndyStar, Indianapolis Star via Imagn Content Services, LLC