The Kansas City Chiefs are now leading the AFC West, something we all thought would happen at the beginning of the year, but did not happen until week 11.

They have been through the tough part of their schedule, but still, have some to go. Every team they play the rest of the season has a record of at least .500. Let’s not forget, of the seven games, four of those are division games, which can never be taken lightly, no matter the team’s record.

However, maybe the hardest game on the rest of their schedule is this week. The Dak Prescott-led Dallas Cowboys are coming to Arrowhead on Sunday, and they are very good.

Chiefs may be in trouble against lethal Dallas offense

From what we have seen so far, the Dallas Cowboys are looking like one of the most complete and balanced teams. Last year, before the Dak Prescott injury, of course, they were just a team with a good offense.

Now, they have players back healthy and even drafted a great linebacker in Micah Parsons. Of course, we cannot forget to mention the season that Trevon Diggs is having.

With their bye week already out of the way, the Dallas Cowboys are just one win ahead of the Chiefs in terms of overall standings, despite having played one less game than Kansas City.

These two teams are great and are both coming off of dominant wins against two teams that are no slouch. Not only that, these are two teams that struggled the week before and bounced back this last week.

Of course, Chiefs fans know what happened the week before this last one. The team struggled against a Green Bay Packers team with no Aaron Rodgers, only scoring 13 points. While they still won the game, it did not look pretty.

For the Cowboys, they lost to a Chiefs division rival in the Denver Broncos, who were beating the Cowboys by 30 points at one point during the game. After last week though, both of these teams are hot. However, the Dallas Cowboys are the more complete team, and the better team so far when looking at what has been accomplished in the season thus far.

Hopefully, we see the same Chiefs team that played on Sunday night and not the one that played the week before. Their defense was hungry, and the offense was rolling. They will need both of those against the Dallas Cowboys.

Featured Image Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports