The Kansas City Chiefs have had a subtle problem over the last few years, and it may finally be fixed. We thought it would have been fixed last season, but, unfortunately, some things happened that prevented that.

The Chiefs have been -and still are- extremely fortunate to have two of the top-five tight ends of all-time in their franchise, whic is a huge luxury.

I mean, there is literally nothing Travis Kelce can’t do, and at times he may be the most unguardable position player in football, position-wise.

However, not having a backup for Kelce has not been a luxury for Kansas City.

Chiefs fixed backup tight end problem with Joe Fortson

Last year the Chiefs almost had it. They almost had the perfect backup tight end. Joe Fortson, or Jody Fortson as some of you may know him.

The undrafted wide receiver turned tight end, has had quite the amount of hardships. He was cut twice by the Chiefs and finally made the 53-man roster last season. When he finally got to play, Fortson ended up tearing his Achilles. The potential has always been there, and fans love him. If he can pick up where he left off last season, the Chiefs have their problem solved.

Last year Fortson showed out in the games he did play. Of the 54 total offensive snaps he played last season, Fortson was still able to finish with two touchdowns. While he only finished with 47 total yards in six games, he was a constant threat in the red zone, as his ability to go up and get it was crucial.

Fortsons’ best game came against Washington in Week 6. According to Pro Football Focus, he finished with a touchdown, and a pass-catching and offensive grade of 80, his highest ever.

While he still won’t get a ton of snaps because of who is in front of him, Fortson can be great with more than what he got last year, and I think he proved that with the eye test. With the age that Kelce is at and the volume he is going to be getting, he will need a break. That’s exactly what Fortson is for.

Fortson is currently rehabbing from his Achilles injury, but as of Day 3 of rookie minicamp, Andy Reid is pleased with his recovery progress

”There’s a chance you get him in phase three, we will just have to see how it goes, if not, training camp,” said Reid when asked about Fortsons’ availability.

”He has done very well with his rehab, and he is another one of those guys that goes 100 miles an hour and wants to get going but you got to be smart with that too.”

The optimism around Fortson is great within the Chiefs organization. Let’s hope he can recover and be the solution to the problem the Chiefs have had for quite some time now.

We’ll find out soon enough as training camp rolls around. If healthy, Forston can solve the Chiefs’ depth issue they’ve been working to solve for a while, now.

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