KANSAS CITY– With the scheduled release this year, the NFL just got two to three weeks of content, where there normally wouldn’t be. What used to just be a published PDF of a schedule is now funny, corny videos that each team releases. The Chiefs schedule release had fans drawing up wins and losses early, as fans should do.

Well, the schedule shows what teams will have to go through throughout the year, and what will be easy or hard. The Chiefs have a three-game road stretch this year and are one of only four teams to have this disadvantage. They also made history –and not in a good way– with their 2022 schedule. However, recent research shows how the Chiefs have one advantage no one is talking about.

Chiefs’ have a soft spot in their 2022 schedule

According to ChiefsWire.com, Kansas City has a new advantage with their schedule that not many teams have: The 2019 Super Bowl champions will not play any teams after their opponents bye week this year.

For example, the Chiefs’ bye week this season is in Week 8. The Titans will get the Chiefs after a bye week, meaning a full week of rest.

Kansas City won’t have to deal with what the Titans have to deal with in that scenario. For Kansas City, none of their opponents this season will play the Chiefs the week after their bye. Last year, the Chiefs were lucky enough to have this advantage, as well. Not every team gets this advantage.

This advantage will be good for Kansas City, as they were somewhat dealt a bad hand, already. With the three straight road games and the earlier bye week, the Chiefs finally had something go their way with their 2022 schedule.

Let’s also not forget that the Chiefs have played more total games than any other team in the NFL over the last four years. With two Super Bowl appearances and four AFC Championship appearances in four years, the Chiefs need as much of a break as they can get.

Featured image via Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports