It feels weird, this season. This is something we are not used to seeing. The Chiefs almost never struggle like this, let alone this early in the season. I mean, last in the AFC West is kind of embarrassing.

To lose the way they have the last few weeks is awful. Yes, the losses were to good teams, but teams that were not better than Kansas City. This Philadelphia Eagles team was just something the Chiefs needed to help them out during their struggling times.

However, the Chiefs always get their stuff together, whether that be early or late in the season. Yes, Any Reid has a lot to fix with this team, but Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles was a huge start to that. The defense is on thin ice, and the first-half offense has been slow but looked a bit better.

First half offense still starting slow

The Chiefs have had a tendency this season to start the game slowly on offense. Just last week against the Chargers, Kansas City scored just three points before the half.

Before that against the Ravens, the offense scored only 14 points at the half. In week one against Cleveland, the Chiefs offense scored just ten points at the half.

Things like this can happen, not in today’s NFL. When your offense does not get going early, and the defense is as bad as it is, the team is forced to play from behind, and faster than they would like.

The Chiefs offense started the first quarter slow and only scored once, but started to turn things up in the second quarter with two touchdowns. One of those would be the amazing deep ball Mahomes threw to Tyreek Hill off his back foot.

Yes, the Chiefs looked so much better on offense. However, there are still some things they need to work on. Next week they face the Buffalo Bills and their great defense. Sunday night will be a testament to see how good their offense really is.

Featured Image Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports