Kansas City is known for having one of the best offenses in the NFL. Not only that but Kansas City is widely respected around the league. They are looked at as one of if not the best team in the NFL, and the biggest threat to win it all over the last few years.

There is a reason they have the respect they do, and it is earned for Kansas City, and not given. However, some people are forgetting what the Chiefs are about, and what they have accomplished in such a short time.

With the win over the Eagles, Kansas City is making sure people remember who they are. The stars were dominant, as they should be. However, there are some players who did not play up to expectations in the win over the Eagles. These guys will definitely need to step it up next week if they want to beat Buffalo.

Chiefs players who did not play great

Travis Kelce, TE:

This one is a little tougher. Kelce did not play badly, but he didn’t play great or amazingly as he had in every other game so far this season. Yes, some of that can be attributed to the success of Tyreek Hill, who had 12 targets on the day.

However, Travis Kelce finished with four receptions on six targets for just 23 yards. Watching the game, Kelce could have done more with what he was given. Fortunately, the star tight-end does not have games like this very often.

Chris Jones, DE:

The newly made defensive end has struggled at that position as of late. Much of it has to do with his size and quickness on the outside and playing opposing quarterbacks who are much quicker than him.

In the game on Sunday, Jones did not play well, which is almost unheard of. The new defensive end finished with one quarterback hit, and that’s it. No tackles, no sacks, nothing else for him at all. If his play keeps up like this at that position, it may be time to move him back on the inside.

Jarran Reed, DT:

The guy who has filled into the defensive tackle spot for Chris Jones, who is now at defensive end, has also struggled as of late. The former Seahawk came over to the Chiefs in hope of helping the team shut down the run, and provide pressure on the quarterback.

Unfortunately, Reed did not really do either of those on Sunday. Also like Chris Jones, he finished with one stat. Jarran Reed’s quarterback hit was the only registered stat of the game for the defensive tackle.

The team will need much better performances than these next week. Buffalo is good, and they will punish Kansas City much like Los Angeles and Baltimore did if they are not careful.

Featured Image Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports