The NFL Draft is just a few short weeks away, and the Kansas City Chiefs have some decisions to make. The most important one being, who will be there first pick.

While everyone is focused on that, there isn’t much chatter going on about their later picks. Their later rounds picks are going to be just as important, and could help the team just as much.

So who should the team go with in the fifth, sixth, and seventh rounds? Well the question is a lot easier to answer than you may think. While offensive tackles don’t usually get much hype outside of the first four rounds, there is one guy who could be great in Kansas City.

Chiefs Should Look at Aaron Banks in Draft

In many of the recent mock drafts, the Notre Dame lineman has been going in the sixth round. Many of you will say things like “there is a reason he is going that late.” However, what are the Chiefs supposed to do, just not use their pick? I thought so.

The 6’5″ 330-pound lineman was very versatile in college. At Notre Dame, he played guard but was the emergency tackle for his team. If he was to play in the NFL, Banks would be a Guard considering his size and skill set.

He is a quality pass rush defender and helped his college game in and game out at the highest of levels. Banks played at left guard for three seasons at Notre Dame, showing that he can compete. However, Aaron Banks does have a few flaws that need to be addressed and will surely be something he works on.

In college, he showed his foot speed was very slow. At the NFL level, that has to improve, or he will get his quarterback destroyed. The pros’ defensive tackles are much more explosive and quick and will likely catch him off-guard every time.

If Banks can improve that area of his game, he could be a potential steal for Kansas City. The good news is that the Chiefs are great at player development.

Featured Image Credit: Robert Franklin-USA TODAY Sports