One of the Kansas City Chiefs 2021 draft picks has huge potential. Who exactly? None other than former Clemson wide receiver Cornell Powell. When you look at his game, it is clear to see what his ceiling could be. However, it may be hard for him even to get a chance.

When being a skilled position player on a team like the Chiefs (Especially a receiver), it may be hard even to get a chance to showcase your skills. Let’s look at Mecole Hardman, for example. The former Georgia speedster was a highly talented receiver coming into his draft. Unfortunately, he has not gotten much attention in his career. Hopefully, that changes this year.

So how does Powell showcase his skills when there are such amazing players in front of him?

Chiefs Powell needs this training camp and pre-season

After the Chiefs recent super bowl loss, they needed to add more pieces. No, they didn’t necessarily need more offense, but it never hurts to be even more explosive. Now, with Cornell Powell, they could have a potential beast on the outside. Actually, Powell could also play in the slot if he had to.

However, it just is not that easy when you get to the NFL. You have to work your way up and show your worth.

This is what training camp is really for, for guys like Powell who were drafted late, to come in and show out. Last year, that was much harder for rookies or undrafted players training to make a name for themselves. There was no traditional training camp, along with four preseason games, so this year has to feel like a relief for players.

With the Chiefs first preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers approaching, Cornell Powell will have his shot. As the preseason goes on, he will only have more opportunities. The more games played, the more players cut. By week four of the preseason, we could see Powell getting a ton of snaps. Now, he just needs to put up the numbers to show the Chiefs he can contribute.

Featured Image Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports