The star quarterback the Chiefs have waited years for is limping on every play. When you see him scramble out of the pocket, it just does not look the same. But it’s Patrick Mahomes, so he is still doing what he does.

After an offensive drive, you see Mahomes on the sideline, grimacing in pain, moving his foot back and forth. This was already starting not to feel great, as I’m sure every Chiefs fan and their step-mom was worried.

Every run, every scramble, every throw, you could see the hurt on Mahomes face. Just when you did not want it to get any worse, it did. On a called option play, Mahomes was brought down by Mack Wilson of the Browns, which looked to be an awkward landing.

As he tried to stand up, Mahomes legs wobbled beneath him. He could not stand straight up and seemed as if he had no clue where he was. With his arms over the top of two men’s shoulders, he was helped to the sideline. And at that moment, that very moment, Chiefs fans knew, Hennething is possible. Chad Henne jogged onto the field, starting the roller coaster of a ride that was the fourth quarter.

Chad Henne: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

While yes, Chad Henne had some questionable moments in this game, he still did what needed to be done. This guy has been a career backup and has everything to lose, but did not care one bit.

Of course, there is the interception that Henne threw that was honestly nowhere near a red jersey. However, head coach Andy Reid did say it was his fault for that play.

You take out that sequence, and Chad Henne may have played the best game of his career. This 10-year veteran put Kansas City on his back and delivered them another AFC Championship berth.

No, Chad Henne did not make some insane throw that we have never seen before. No, Chad Henne did not wow us with his arm strength.

However, the 35-year-old quarterback made the right play nearly every time. It did not matter if it was an easy play or a hard one. Henne still found a way to get it done.

His run on third and 14 will forever live in fans’ minds. Henne scrambled and dove headfirst to try and get a first down. While he did not get it, the play shows how gutsy he is.

The following play is what everyone should and is talking about today and tomorrow. There are one minute and 14 seconds left in the game. It’s fourth and inches, and a first down would secure a win for Kansas City.

As Henne is lined up in the shotgun, many people believe he will try to draw an offsides penalty. No, Henne did what Henne does and made the throw to Hill for the game.

Chad Henne is the story of the game. He is the quarterback you never knew you needed.

Featured Image Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports