The Kansas City Chiefs have now taken over the number one seed in the AFC, and here is how.

The Chiefs won in what I would say was a dominant showing against the Jacksonville Jaguars. They were able to score at a high volume and moved the ball down the field in more than one way.

The Chiefs finished with 331 passing yards, which is how they scored all of their points, but they also moved the ball well with the running game, as they finished with 155 rushing yards.

It was truly one of the more balanced games the Chiefs have played this season on that side of the ball.

Oh, and on defense, too.

The defense was too good at stopping whatever the Jaguars wanted to do. On Sunday, that was stopping the run.

All of this led to a huge win, which means more than we would think.

Before the game, I don’t think many people were thinking about the implications this game would have for the first seed in the AFC. After the win, I’m sure Chiefs fans tuned into what was going on in upstate New York.

The Buffalo Bills were in overtime against the Minnesota Vikings, who are now 8-1 on the year. With a win, the Bills stay in the first seed with the best record in the AFC.

With a loss, they fall to near the bottom of their own division.

Chiefs fans can thank the Vikings for maybe the rest of the season now.

Now the Chiefs control their own destiny. If they win out the rest of the year, which is possible to do, the Chiefs will undoubtedly have the number one seed in the playoffs.

In other words, the AFC would continue to run through Arrowhead Stadium.

But, it’s all up to the Chiefs now. They have to win out, most likely. Obviously, other things could happen in the AFC. But if the Chiefs stay true to themselves and who they want to be, it’s easily possible.

Because now they have Tyreek Hill and the Miami Dolphins on their tail.

Featured Image Via Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports