It is not often that we see the former MVP of the league and MVP of the super bowl struggle. As a matter of fact, we don’t see that, hardly ever. Well, there are reports that, as of late, the 25-year-old Kansas City quarterback has had some issues.

Looking at everything he has accomplished thus far, Patrick Mahomes is in line to become one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Tom Brady, the GOAT himself, has high praise for the kid, the Chiefs quarterback.

But even the greats mess up every now and again. In this instance, Mahomes has shown us he is human. However, this situation may be good for Mahomes and his growth as a player. If there is anything we have learned about the man himself, it’s that he is just getting started.

Kansas City QB Struggles at Practice

In a recent training camp practice, A few reliable sources reported that the man himself had a few possessions he wishes he could have had back. Patrick Mahomes threw a few interceptions in training camp; wow, what is the big deal.

Well, that is right, what is the big deal? There really is not a big deal about the situation, but it is something to talk about. While Patrick Mahomes only threw six interceptions in 2020, he could improve on that area.

The six interceptions are kind of a stat that lies to you because it could have been more than that. Of course, you can say that for every quarterback. However, Patrick Mahomes tends to get bailed out by defenders and the dropped interceptions they sometimes have.

I can count a few, or probably more than a few situations in which Mahomes should have thrown an interception, but the ball was dropped, or the play was called back.

When things like this happen in training camp, it’s good. You want him to get all that out before the season. In a way, this helps the Chiefs tremendously.

For Mahomes, he can learn from his mistakes against a defense that knows what he will do. Think about what he can do against a defense who has no clue.

For the Chiefs defense, what better way to improve than to out play the league’s best quarterback. All in all, this is nothing. There is a reason this was not reported on much. However, look for the Chiefs to improve on this.

Featured Image Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports