The Kansas City Chiefs have their training camp coming up on July 28th, and all the talk is about whether star quarterback Patrick Mahomes will be ready. Of course, there is good reason to wonder with the surgery he just had.

After the super bowl loss last year, Mahomes decided to have surgery on his injured toe. Along with the toe injury, the star quarterback also had the weird neck issue during the playoffs as well. It’s fair to say he could use this time off.

Mahomes has already accomplished so much at just 25 years old and will likely continue to do so. Therefore, this training camp is very important for him, especially with all the distractions, good or bad, he has had this offseason. However, Mahomes thinks he will be ready.

Mahomes On Schedule With Chiefs

Nearly a month ago, the quarterback was asked in a press conference how he was coming along with the toe. The former MVP had some very important words that should make all Chiefs fans happy.

“If there was a game to be played, I would be playing in it, I think. There is still stuff I have to work through. I still have to rehab and continue to strengthen that stuff. but it’s good to be able to get out there earlier than the schedule had me”.

With Mahomes possibly getting a full training camp in, the Chiefs will not have to worry about any rust. Not only will rust not be a factor, but the star quarterback will also get to work his way back after an injury that required surgery. The Chiefs will need Mahomes as much as possible if they plan to win all 20 games. They will definitely need him to make it back to the Super Bowl.

Featured Image Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports