Shortly after cutting their two best, the Kansas City Chiefs have now signed another offensive linemen in free agency. Obviously, the move to cut Fisher and Schwartz was to free up cap space. However, now we know why they needed that space.

It started with Joe Thuney, the now $80 million linemen signed by the Chiefs. Thuney was formerly on the Patriots for five years, where he never missed a single game. In the past, Chiefs offensive linemen have been known to miss games due to injury, so the move was huge.

There is no longer a sense of worry that there was the day Kansas City cut Schwartz and Fisher. Fans were in a flurry, worried as they just saw their quarterback get destroyed in the Super Bowl. Luckily, the Chiefs have a general manager in Brett Veach who is very good at his job.

Chiefs Sign Chris Long to Help O-Line Problems

The Veteran Lineman, formerly of the Chicago Bears, is un-retiring to join the Chiefs. After being cut by Chicago two years ago, Long took last year off and retired. However, he announced a while back he was ready to make a comeback. Now he is, with a team looking for his skill set.

The three-time pro-bowler is as experienced a lineman as it gets. He is a guy who can play four positions and can play them well. During his media introductory press conference on Thursday, Long was asked about potentially moving anywhere on the line. He stated that he “Didn’t know of any left-handed centers” but was willing to learn anything to help the team.

Those are the type of words you want to hear from your new offensive linemen, who will be protecting the star quarterback. For just $5 million and a year, the Chiefs added what could be a bargain piece this offseason.

Featured Image Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports