Here we are once again talking about the best tight end in the league, Travis Kelce. Yes, another article on the most talented tight end in the NFL, because why not. However, this is a little different. What exactly makes Kelce the best.

We can start with everything he is good at and underline the one attribute that sets him apart from the rest. For starters, Travis Kelce is good at anything a tight end should be good at. Yes, there are things he is not great at, such as blocking. However, he is not bad at it and is rarely put in those positions to prove otherwise.

The former Bear Cat tight end can do it all. He can run routes with the best of them, catch, and create plays at a high rate. Now, what ability is it that takes Kelce over the top.

Chiefs Travis Kelce Amazing Abilities

The pro-bowler is a mismatch to anyone put in front of him. Literally, there is not one person who can single handily stop him. The only way to do so would be a double-team, and if you do that, someone else is open. Just one of the many reasons the Chiefs are so blessed on offense.

The combination of speed and size for Kelce is something we do not see too often in his position. Then, you add in his best ability to that, and he is virtually unstoppable. Some people may say the best one is his hands and how he makes almost every catch. However, that is something expected of him.

The 31-year-old tight end is one of the best route runners in all of football. He is the best compared to other tight ends, and he is in the conversation compared to receivers. His speed and tightness in and out of breaks are remarkable. Let’s not forget about how often he fools the defense as well; just look at the move he put on Denzel Ward in last year’s playoffs.

It is safe to say that the Chiefs have a future Hall of Famer in Travis Kelce. He will be submitted with the NFL’s most outstanding tight ends of all time. He is already mentioned with the likes of Tony Gonzales, Rob Gronkowski, and Shannon Sharpe. Now, it is just a matter of time.

Featured Image Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports